There are few worse threats to your home than those caused by a range of common household pests. Whether it’s rats, termites or bed bugs, your family and home can suffer if these nasty pests decide to move into your home uninvited. If you discover you have any such related problem, getting the right solution is simple. We provide a truly extensive range of pest control and bug control services that have been proven to be extremely effective, including both chemical and non-chemical treatments and prevention methods. We have everything you need to reclaim your home and ensure it’s only for you and your family.

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Pest control is something that team takes very seriously because we know the impact that a range of different pests can have on your home. Your family’s health could well be at risk. Not to mention there are many pests that can also cause damage to your home. Given how dedicated we are to helping you rid your home of any pest infestations, we are the exterminator that you can trust. Our home pest control range is something that we can employ to full effect to get you a clean home. It’s not until this goal has been achieving that we are truly satisfied. Just like you.

Our Services

Our pest control services have proven to be effective when dealing with a range of common household pests and bugs, and we offer a wide range of treatments and preventive pest control methods, including organic pest control. We are the exterminators that can properly handle a wide range of common pests, including being an effective bug exterminator. We can deal with rats and mice, termites, fire ant, mosquitos, fleas, bed bugs, and a range of other common pests. We even offer pest inspections. Our exterminator cost is reasonable, not to mention a far better alternative than dealing with pests in your home, we think you’ll find. ​



​Residential Pest Control

Given the potential impact on your family’s health and the damage that can be caused, controlling, limiting and exterminating a range of pest around your home is something that you should take very seriously. We provide everything you need to deal with a range of common household pests, including rats, mice and a range of bugs. But how much does an exterminator cost? Of course, exterminator prices depending on the level and type of infestation being dealt with, but our prices are always reasonable and competitive.

​Termite Control

Termites can often be a real problem in your home without you even realizing. They are very difficult to detect, however there are a few signs that you can look out for, including signs of any damage. Termites can damage almost any part of your home that has wooden components, so it can often be seriously expensive to repair the damage that they cause. This is why termite extermination, when you realize you have a problem, is something you should always let a professional team quickly take care of.

​Flea, Tick and Common Insect Control

There are a range of common insects, such as fleas, ticks and bed bugs, that can really cause a range of problems if they infect your home. Fleas can create a range of problems, including spreading diseases, for both you and your pets. Bed bugs in particular can be quite nasty and make home life uncomfortable for you and your family. We are the bug exterminator, as well as bug bed exterminator and flea exterminator, that can help you deal with any common bugs that might infest your home. ​

Common insect control

“When we had a rat problem Gainesville Pest Control dealt with it effectively. It was all so easy.” Jane. L ​

Pest infestation

“Gainesville Pest Control’s fire ant control service is just the thing you need to deal with a fire ant nest.” Trevor. D

Residential area

“A pest inspection from Gainesville Pest Control found that we had a termite problem we didn’t know about. They were then able to quickly get rid of them. They’re professional and great.” Willie. M

A professional working for insect remove

​Pest Infestations

Mice and rats are by far the most common pest infestation that you might come across in your home. Removing rats and mice from your home quickly can be very important for everyone. Rats and mice can spread a range of different diseases, spoil food, damage your home, such as chewing electrical wiring, and can even introduce further pests into your home, such as fleas. We are the mice exterminator and rat exterminator that can employ a range of mice control services to prevent these pests being an issue in your home.

Mosquito Control ​

In Georgia, it’s been proven that mosquitos can carry and transmit a range of diseases, including West Nile and Lacrosse. This means if you have an excessive number of mosquitos around your home, you could be at risk. Mosquito control is a further service that we can provide, and other a wide range of services to control mosquito number around your home and lessen any risk to you or your family.

A mosquito

​Fire Ant Control

Fire ants are a form of pest that you can sometimes can across in your yard. Their bites are especially problematic as they can cause serious pain and allergic reactions in some cases. Your pets are spared this either, as fire ants will attack anything that disturbs their nest. We are the ant exterminator that can deal with fire ants, with a range of non-chemical treatments, to make your yard safe again for you and your pets. That’s why we are also a pet friendly exterminator.

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​If you’ve discovered that any form of pest has suddenly decided to move into your home, there’s no need to wait. Many common household pests can create a range of problems, including health issues for your family or damage to your home. So, it’s imperative to act quickly. Our exterminator team has everything you need to deal with a range of common household pests, including bugs, rats or mice, so you prevent any unwanted visitors from taking over your home. Get in touch with our team as soon as you have a problem.