​​Fire Ant Control

Fire Ant


There’s no pest that can cause chaos in your yard and around your home quite like fire ants. They are seriously nasty and can really inflict some pain if they happen to bite you or any of your pets. This the major reason why controlling and eliminating any fire ant nests around your home is so crucial. Otherwise you could lose your outdoor space to this aggressive and nasty pest. We know the best and most professional way to help you tackle fire ant control and extermination, so you can keep your family and pets safe.

Fire Ant Control

Fire ants are a really nasty pest to having lurking around in your yard. They can cause a wide range of problems for both you and you pets when they sting or bite. This can greatly impact your outdoor life if you discover a nest anywhere in your yard. Fire ant control and extermination is a further part of our bug control range of that we can offer you. So our professional team can help you deal with this particularly aggressive and nasty pest. We are the ant exterminator that can get unmatched results and have a range of ways to eliminate fire ants around your home.

Health Impacts 

The major issue that fire ants can create is a potential health issue and injury. Fire ants are very aggressive and can swarm and sting anyone, or anything, that disturbs their nest. Fire ant bites can be seriously painful. They can cause a painful burning and itching sensation. For some people, this can be even more serious, as people have been known to have serious allergic reactions and require immediate medical attention. This makes getting bitten by fire ants a real risk for some people. That’s why exterminating any fire ants around your home is so important.

Safety Outdoors 

The threat that fire ant bring can often prevent you from going outdoors, and really enjoying your home as much as you can. Getting rid of fire ant infestations is the best way to reclaim your outdoor space and enjoy your life at home more. Otherwise, you are just wasting valuable space that could be put to use. On top of this, given the threat that your pets can also face from fire ants, clearing any infestation also makes your home and yard safer for them too. We are a pet friendly exterminator.

Wide Range of Solutions 

Like with most of our pest control or bug control services, we offer a wide range of solutions to help you effectively deal with any fire ant problem that you might have at home. There are many different ways in which our team can approach fire ant extermination, depending on your preferences and the situation that you are faced with. There’s individual mound treatments or a range of insecticide treatments. Each form of treatment has it’s up and downs, and, again, your circumstances will determine which one is the best fit.