​​Termite Control

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Often hidden and tucked away in the various wooden components of your home, termites really are of those unseen threats that can negatively impact your home. The damage they can do can be severe, as is the cost of getting it repaired. This isn’t a cause for panic, however. As part of our pest control services we can help you to combat any termite infestation that you discover in your home. We have everything you need to exterminate any termites in your home and keep them away for good. Our range includes chemical and non-chemical treatments and prevention methods.

Termite Extermination

Termites are one of those really nasty pests that can cause real damage to your home, leaving you out of pocket and really stressed out. As part of our home pest control range, we can effectively and professionally deal with termite extermination. We have a full range of methods and tools at our disposal to quickly handle the job and ensure that your home is termite free. However, it pays to be on the lookout for the warning signs, so that our team can act as early as possible. That’s the easiest way to prevent the range of issues that termites can cause.


As with any pest, it pays to look of for any signs that you might have problem. Generally, any termite problem is hard to identify. There are still a few signs to look out for to know you have a problem. You might notice small flying insects around your home, that look similar to ants, especially in spring. Another key indicator is the damage that they cause. If you think you notice any of these signs, or think you have a problem, getting a professional pest inspection to confirm any infestation is recommended.


We offer a wide range of treatments to help deal with any terminate problem that you might discover in your home. This includes a wide variety of chemical and non-chemical treatments, depending on your preference, your circumstances and the nature of the infection you are dealing with. Non-chemical solutions can involve putting up physical barriers that have been proven effective at repelling and keeping out termites, such as steel mesh. Chemical treatments can come in many forms too, including soil applied termiticides or treatments applied to your wooden surfaces and components of your home. Again, it depends on the situation.

Damage to Your Home 

Termites, if left unchecked, can cause damage to just about any part of your home. They can damage wooden components in your floors, walls, windows, doors and even ceilings, and that’s only the beginning. This form of damage can often leave you seriously out of pocket and be hard to get repaired, that’s part of the reason why being on the lookout for signs and acting early is so important. Otherwise, you could have to spend a lot repairing various parts of your home. Save money, and hassle, by letting our team rid your home of any terminate infestation.