​​Pest Infestations

A pest


On top of insects, there are a range of other household pests that you could suddenly find your home infested with. We offer the pest control services we can deal with most common forms of household pest that might infest your home, especially rats and mice, which are by far the most common type. We provide a full range of natural and chemical treatments that can curb any pest problem you have and prevent them from re-appearing. Our methods are fast, effective and most of all safe, so you know that your home is being properly looked after.

Rats and Mice

The most common household pest infestation you are likely to experience is rats or mice. Rats and mice can be serious problem for a range of reasons and can often be hard to detect. However, if you notice any rats or mice around your home, it’s best to act quickly and let our professional team get to work in order to deal with the problem. We are the mice and rat exterminator that can keep your home clean.

Health and Safety of Your Home 

Letting our professional home pest control team deal with any rat or mice infestation in your home is incredibly important for the health and safety of your home. Rats and mice are carries of many diseases, including typhus fever and leptospirosis, that can impact the health of your family. Along with this, if they get into any food in your home, they can leave behind hair, urine and droppings, which can spoil food and cause food poisoning. For the healthy and safety of your home, it’s important to let a professional tackle this problem. We are the mouse exterminator with everything you need to keep your home safe.

Damage to Your Home 

Aside from being a potential health risk, rats and mice can, in many cases, cause damage to your home with their activities. This damage can range from relatively minor, such as damage to food packaging, to incredibly serious, such as damage to electrical wires. Beside the serious risk to your home in certain situations, the inconvenience, and money spent on repair, can be problematic and a real hassle. This is part of the reason why quickly identifying the problem and letting our team get to work is really important for your home.

Other Pests 

As if potential for health problems and damage to your home wasn’t enough, rats and mice can cause even more problems. They can also introduce a range of other pests into your home, such as fleas, that can create further issues. In some cases, rats and mice can be carriers of other forms of pests and their presence can have them infecting your home, too. A second pest infestation is probably the last thing you want, so getting rid of mice and rats to begin with is the easiest way to avoid being stung twice. This is just another reason to stay on top of the problem.